Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

Giant Floating Heads

Nothing makes Newscoma and me laugh harder than giant floating heads.

So you know exactly how much I was pleased to find a list of the 10 Greatest Floating Heads of All Time on OMGLists.

They cover everything from the Great Oz to Frylock to Jambi.

Here’s a little video clip to put you in the mood before you get your meckalecka hiney in gear and “head” over to check out all 10.

Wandering McCain

If you saw any of the debate between Obama and McCain at Belmont University in Nashville, you saw an awful lot of the Republican candidate ambling around the stage like the chip in his head had gone bad.

He wandered aimlessly through the background of shots of Obama as the Democratic candidate answered his questions. He shuffled into the foreground while moderator Tom Brokaw was speaking.

After watching him wander the stage I now understand why nursing homes have alarms on their doors.

McCain provided plenty of fodder for the late night comedians from SNL to Conan.

Here’s a video of everybody from Leno to John Stewart and SNL and Conan riffing on the rambling man.