Super Creepy Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

Enough with the politics. It’s OCTOBER!

Time to celebrate spooky Halloween.

If you want the most stunningly scary pumpkin in your neighborhood, artist Ray Villafane has an entire photo tutorial on how to carve the monstrous pumpkin you see above. He shows you the tools you’ll need and a step-by-step photo shoot of the process from giant orange gourd as nature created it to the misshapen, eerily pale freak perfect to frighten the brats next door.

He’s also got tons of other creepy pumpkin carvings for you to check out on the tutorial page.

5 responses to “Super Creepy Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

  1. YES!!! Thanks for posting. I’ve gotta go buy a couple of pumpkins this weekend and carve them up for the haunted house.

  2. argh. definitely too much politics. looks like McCain to me…

  3. Scout, glad my post was timely for you. I’m sure you’ll have the scariest room in the haunted house.
    DF – Wow. I didn’t make that connection, but now every time I look at it, all I see is McCain doing one of those smirk/grin/grimace things he did during the first debate.

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