Tina Fey Nails Sarah Palin Again on SNL

As soon as McCain brought Sarah Palin to the attention of our nation, I immediately told Newscoma, “Oh my gosh. She could be Tina Fey’s twin.”

Thank goodness the cleverly subversive and witty Fey has taken full advantage of her physical similarities to portray Palin and reveal her shortcomings as a viable representative of our country. Saturday Night Live is once again doing biting political humor that showcases realities.

Here’s the video from the Sept. 27, 2008 SNL broadcast that “replays” Palin’s interview with Katie Couric from this past week.

The scary part of Fey’s performance is that lots of the lines she uttered where direct quotes from the Palin/Couric interview. You can see the actual video in this post I put up yesterday.


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2 responses to “Tina Fey Nails Sarah Palin Again on SNL

  1. i had watched the real interview, and was blown away by the parody video. seems the real Sarah is funnier than anything a brilliant comedy writer can come up with…

    scary. very, very scary…

    (oh, and i’ll quit taunting folks in your comment box. i know it’s not nice 🙂 )

  2. Oh I was more than pleased to see your lucid responses to his comments about the VP not being a leadership position. Your comments are always welcome.
    The Palin 1.0 version would be funny if it weren’t so scary. The first time I saw her floundering in her efforts to answer the Couric questions I thought her effort was laughable, but subsequent viewings give me chills.

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