Sarah Palin’s Neighborhood Watch Version of Foreign Policy Experience

It’s becoming quite obvious why the McCain campaign has hidden vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin away in the Get Smart Cone of Silence.

It’s painful to watch her as she struggles to put together coherent answers to straightforward questions.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview with Katie Couric on CBS in which she discusses her foreign policy experience. She flounders about and sort of cites her neighbors, Russia and Canada, as enhancing her foreign policy credentials due to Putin potentially checking out US air space.

It sounds to me like she’s running one kickass Neighborhood Watch up there in Alaska.

Every time she opens her mouth in an interview, it becomes apparent that her lack of knowledge on the major topics concerning the average citizen is vast.

She rambles. She avoids answering. She stammers. She hems. She haws. She Hee Haws.

I like cantankerous Jack Cafferty’s take on another of her rambling answers that Left Wing Cracker posted over at his blog. Go check it out.

And remember she’s one heart attack or moose hunt away from being our President.


12 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Neighborhood Watch Version of Foreign Policy Experience

  1. The question is why she is being asked to defend her “foreign policy experience” when no other candidates are.

    Barack Obama has NO “foreign policy experience”. He is a first-term Senator from Illinois and before that he was a state senator in Illinois. Why is it OK for Obama to run for President with no “foreign policy experience” but somehow it’s a strike against Palin for Vice President?

    Or take another example: Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas. How much “foreign policy experience” do you think Governor Clinton obtained as the freaking Governor of freaking Arkansas?

    Oh, but that was okay, according to the media.

    I’m tired of these transparent double standards. Palin is the governor of a state – just like Bill Clinton was. If her lack of “foreign policy experience” (which is what, exactly, by the way?) disqualifies her, then Bill Clinton was supremely unqualified as well, and by the way, so is Mr. Obama.

  2. My statement is as much about her inability to understand and answer questions as it is her experience in foreign relations.
    Over the past eight years, we’ve seen exactly what a bumbling orator can do to make things into a bigger mess.
    She doesn’t have the experience, in my opinion, on any level to lead our nation.

  3. Even granting the premise that Bush “[made] things into a bigger mess”, where on earth do you get the idea that that has anything to do with his bumbling oratory?

    The logical conclusion of your statements here is that the #1 qualification to executive leadership is to be a good “orator”. History shows that valuing “oratory” so highly won’t always bring the most pleasant results.

  4. I want a leader who is respected globally and not considered a buffoon.

  5. P.S. Incidentally, Palin is not running for a job that involves “leading our nation”. She is running for Vice President, a job with very few actual functions. The guy actually running for President is called John McCain. I’m surprised you didn’t know this,

  6. But she will be leading our nation. She is first in line to replace him should anything, God forbid, happen to him and she is representing him and his campaign.

    Apparently, she was only selected as his VP candidate for her gender and her looks, from what I can tell thus far. Thinking on her feet isn’t one of her strong suits.

    Glad we could share some “Free speech” time here. I’ve got to leave the house, but please enjoy the rest of the blog.

  7. Senator Obama has at least served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, charing the Subcommittee on European Affairs, He was President of Harvard Law Review when she was a weather girl on a small town tv station.

    Couldn’t agree more that the inability to articulate a position – being kind and giving her the benefit of the doubt that she actually has one – can only lead to four more years of abysmal foreign policy.

    And VEEP has an important job. Especially when riding shotgun for an old fart. She scares me more than Little Danny Quayle did… or Cyborg Cheney.

  8. Senator Obama has at least served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, charing the Subcommittee on European Affairs

    Which means what? Is that “foreign policy experience”? What does it consist of? Meetings? Why is that so impressive to you?

    He was President of Harvard Law Review when she was a weather girl on a small town tv station.

    And John McCain was a naval aviator when Barry Obama was learning his multiplication table in the Philippines. So what?

    And VEEP has an important job.

    I beg to differ. It’s barely a “job” at all. There is virtually only one responsibility – break a tie in the Senate if there is one. The rest of the time is cutting ribbons and such. If Dan Quayle could do it…then what are we even talking about?

  9. What a great blog post! Loved that clip of the interview.

    Sonic, I don’t think Lyndon Johnson or Gerald Ford or George Bush I would say the VP job was unimportant; and if the main reason “womaniser” McCain picks people based on their looks alone, that casts a dark shadow over his judgement.

  10. i don’t know if those 3 guys would say the VP job is unimportant. But I do.

    The reason you know that McCain picked Palin “based on [her] looks alone” is that you are a mind-reader, I assume. Very well. Read my mind: what am I thinking right now, about you?

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  12. McCain graduated 894th out of 899 students in his class. Crashed 3 planes. Ummm…. Right….

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