Simpsons iPod

I want one NOW!!!!

Please !!!!!

Pretty Please !!!!

They have all varieties from shuffles to touches with three different Simpsons logos etched on.

They’re a bit pricier, but not a ton more than the regular cost and you get your name etched on it.

Cool beans, if you ask me.

Here‘s where you can order one for me.

Go ahead.

I promise I’ll say “Thank you very much.”


3 responses to “Simpsons iPod

  1. [drooling uncontrollably] Me want too!

    But why don’t they have a “Dancin’ Homer” version? Or “Bleeding Gums Murphy” with Lisa?

  2. DF – Awww, now you’re gonna make me cry reminding me about “Bleeding Gums Murphy”. Sweet. sweet sax.

  3. DamMIT.
    Why do we live in Hooterville?
    I want.

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