Feel Good Friday On Vacation

I didn’t know if it would happen this year, but it is going to thanks to Sabrina’s magical healing powers.

I’m taking a vacation from work. I may not head to far from hearth and home, but I won’t be at work and that’s enough.

So in honor of my respite from the grind, I bring you the Go-Go’s.

Cheesy, yes. But just check out those big wide belts and giant hair and revel in mock the 80s fashions.

Others sharing the FGF vibe include Newscoma, Heartbreaktown, Sharon Cobb, Pesky Fly and Hollywood Ron.


3 responses to “Feel Good Friday On Vacation

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  2. The summer of 82! Loved this song! I was a disc jockey in El Paso, had met my ex two months before and we were still in the honeymoon stage and life was perfect.
    Good song…yeah, cheesy, but feels good!

  3. Sharon, yeah, cheesy fits the bill, but you’re right. It did make me feel good this morning.

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