Feel Good iPhone Friday – Call Me

That time in the week has arrived again – Friday.

Let’s break out a tune for all those who are either standing in line or wishing they were today. It’sthe day for the debut of Apple’s latest gadget – iPhone 3G.

If you get one, you can call me on my not-so-smart, regular old cell phone.

Joining in on the 80s music fun is Sharon Cobb, who I never would have expected to select one of the two songs she posted. Newscoma is gonna “bring me down” with a good one. Left Wing Cracker takes a trip to the Lone Star State for his tunes. Pesky Fly gets all psychedelic on us.

UPDATE: Slarti finds an alternate version of his song. Heartbreaktown revisits some campy tv heartthrobs. Jag hits the “street” for her tune today.

UPDATE 2.0: GoldnI dreams about bigger bank accounts. Badger’s Honky Tonk Man wants to come home. Ginger’s Livin The Crazy Life.


5 responses to “Feel Good iPhone Friday – Call Me

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  4. Oh yesssssssssss!
    One of the first wave of new wav women punk. (though Yoko and Marriane Faithfull are at the top of that list)
    I *almost* posted Rapture this week, so GMTA!

    Love Blondie, and may I say she’s on tour and absolutely fabulous in her 60s!!!

  5. oopnnjm ndaqhva rogyizpepc klzngicrm

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