You Can Say That Again – The Wilhelm Scream

If you watch enough action or sci fi movies, you’ve heard the Wilhelm Scream. You may not realize it, but your ear drums have been tapped on by this sound effect.

Dating back to 1953, the perfect agonized scream has found its way into movie after movie, with everyone from George Lucas to Tobe Hooper regularly finding room for it in their flicks.

Legend has it that Purple People Eater entertainer Sheb Wooley is the voice of the Wilhelm Scream.

First I present you with a compilation of some familiar clips to let your ears become aware of the famous howl.

Then I’ll give you some of the history and legend of the scream from sound effects editor and movie historian Steve Lee.

3 responses to “You Can Say That Again – The Wilhelm Scream

  1. I’ve found myself, over the years, being able to call out when the Wilhelm Scream gets snuck into films. One of my many useless skills!

  2. I heard it when I was watching movies this weekend and thought that sounds familiar. Now I know, very educational

  3. Thanks for noticing Wilhelm! Keep listening!

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