Guitar Pick Hero

Guitar Picks

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I am not one with any musical skillz and very few handicraft skills, so to see the two combined caught my attention.
This guy is using everything from old plastic gift cards to computer cases to cardboard and food packaging to make eye-catching guitar picks.
Granted, I think this is one craft I could accomplish, but once I was done, I’d have no use for them other than as really cheap gifts for my more musically inclined friends.
But I know lots of folks who visit here are talented in many areas and might put this idea to good use.
Go to his Flickr site to get all the info.


4 responses to “Guitar Pick Hero

  1. BRILLIANT! Gonna have to make me some new picks. Will use old Victoria’s Secret gift cards to start! Woo hoo!

  2. One of the coolest things ever left in the tip jar when I worked at Sbux was a Willie Nelson pick with a big marijuana leaf on it.

  3. DF – I should have known you’d have some extra Victoria’s Secret cards around what with all your Friday attire. Hee
    Holly – Willie, Weed and music – that’s a keeper.

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