Smooches For Feel Good Friday

That time of the week has arrived again.

It’s Feel Good Friday.

I think we all deserve some Passionate Kisses and pens that don’t run out of ink.

Smooches from the Squirrel Queen and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Update: I’ve been offline for a while so I haven’t had a chance to link to all the other FGF’ers from today so now I get my chance.

Here’s the rundown of all those contributing that I know of: Newscoma, Ginger, Sharon Cobb, Scout, Killa, Pesky, LCW, GoldnI, Slarti, and Kat.


6 responses to “Smooches For Feel Good Friday

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  2. Yes, indeedy! Thanks for providing the inspiration for my feel good video.

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  5. Best “Don’t Settle” Anthem for Women, EVER! Big fun! Love the video, too!

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