Christie’s Auction House Goes Pop (Culture)

I found this link at Mental Floss and had to share.

Everbody, break out your debit/credit cards and dream big.

The Christie’s Auction House is holding a giant auction of pop culture memorabilia tomorrow (June 25, 2008).

It covers just about everyone. We’re talking Elvis to Jack Kerouac to King Kong to JFK to Tony Soprano to John Dillinger to Hank Williams to Duke Ellington to Leadbelly to Bob Dylan to Walt Disney to Harvey Milk to Rock Hudson to Adam Sandler to Eddie Munster to Superman’s cape.

And of course you can’t use the word Pop without something from Andy Warhol.

There’s also one of the rarest vinyl records known to elude collectors.

There are about a million 328 items representing just about every celebrity in the stratosphere.

If you’re a fan of someone, there’s some mugshot, etching, AM/FM radio, autograph, camera, robe, guitar or hat to temporarily sate your stalker desires.

Every item reminded me of a different blogger and that person’s favorite things.

Go, peruse and dream.


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