Internet Love = Geeky Cakes for Grooms

We’re into the month of June and wedding bells are tolling all across the nation.

In California, the matrimonial bliss is expanding to include same-sex couples.

Elsewhere, the Internet is bringing together more and more people who might never have met without the help of a PC or Mac.

With the proliferation of Web hook-ups, we’re getting geekier cakes for the grooms.

Now, in “my neck of the woods”, the chocolate cake is often covered with deer or ducks or four-wheelers and guns.

Thank goodness, the creativity involved in most of these cakes goes beyond the influence of cammo.

The first cake pic shows a couple’s online profile photos they used on the dating site where they met on a pair of sweet cake computers.

There are more cakes here that feature Star Trek, computer code, World of Warcraft, etc…


7 responses to “Internet Love = Geeky Cakes for Grooms

  1. tell me.. why do you think that june is the ebst time for marriages ? cz’ it is how it is everywhere.. in almost every country i know it is june july the best months for marriage…

  2. I have no idea. I didn’t realize that was an international trend. I think maybe it’s the milder weather, after the storms of May and before the heat of July. Also, going back to an earlier era, the crops would have been planted, giving families a chance to take a break from that grind before the harvest begins. Just a theory.

  3. well, the crops seem to be a really good reason.. coz’ even in India this is the trend being followed.. but the monsoons begin here by may end or June 1st week.. and continues till around aug or so…

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