Bird Craziness = Signs of the Apocalypse!?!

I’ve heard of plagues of frogs, but where does our feathered friend fit into the End Time equation. You know, we are one day closer to 2012, the end of the world Mayan calendar.

There have been some strange bird happenings in recent days.

It started with the chicken bomb and was exacerbated by the freaky Lost smoke monster starlings.

Now, there are more bird beatdowns. In the Windy City, a terrorist territorial red-winged blackbird has been divebombing and, in general, annoying everyone from bicyclists to pedestrians.

Then I ran across an incredible Barbie representation of Tippi Hedren in The Birds posted by Hollywood Ron over at Subtle Bluntness. It’s a must see.

I’ll have to ponder this while I gnaw on an order of chicken nuggets with extra flavorful dipping sauce.

Mmmm, chicken.

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