Daily Archives: June 22, 2008

Saved By A Sports Bra

Ingenuity in a time of distress helped an American hiker in the Bavarian Alps.

Hiking alone, the woman was injured during a fall and couldn’t make her way down the mountain on her own.

After a few days stranded alone and injured atop the mountain, she took off her colorful sports bra and attached it to a logging line hoping to attract attention.

She also placed her underwear on a craggy outcropping hoping someone would see them.

The plan worked and she was eventually rescued.

Hooray for female ingenuity.

Image: ecollo


Traveling Vicariously Via Vespa

Meet Eric and his Vespa.

They’re traveling along Route 66 this summer on a journey entitled Scoot66. The former book store owner was hoping to cover the distance in 66 days, but is running a bit behind.

He’s currently in Idaho and the weather isn’t playing nice, but the scenery there has impressed him. Idaho, go figure.

For those of us whose vacations have been derailed by real-life expenses, health, etc., we can at least travel vicariously with him as he wanders across the U.S.

Check out his journey, his rants, his history lessons, his pics and his music.

Maybe Jeffraham can rig up some sidecar sort of thing on his scooter so he and Curly and Larry Elvis and the gang can make their own crazy trek.

Bird Craziness = Signs of the Apocalypse!?!

I’ve heard of plagues of frogs, but where does our feathered friend fit into the End Time equation. You know, we are one day closer to 2012, the end of the world Mayan calendar.

There have been some strange bird happenings in recent days.

It started with the chicken bomb and was exacerbated by the freaky Lost smoke monster starlings.

Now, there are more bird beatdowns. In the Windy City, a terrorist territorial red-winged blackbird has been divebombing and, in general, annoying everyone from bicyclists to pedestrians.

Then I ran across an incredible Barbie representation of Tippi Hedren in The Birds posted by Hollywood Ron over at Subtle Bluntness. It’s a must see.

I’ll have to ponder this while I gnaw on an order of chicken nuggets with extra flavorful dipping sauce.

Mmmm, chicken.

Internet Love = Geeky Cakes for Grooms

We’re into the month of June and wedding bells are tolling all across the nation.

In California, the matrimonial bliss is expanding to include same-sex couples.

Elsewhere, the Internet is bringing together more and more people who might never have met without the help of a PC or Mac.

With the proliferation of Web hook-ups, we’re getting geekier cakes for the grooms.

Now, in “my neck of the woods”, the chocolate cake is often covered with deer or ducks or four-wheelers and guns.

Thank goodness, the creativity involved in most of these cakes goes beyond the influence of cammo.

The first cake pic shows a couple’s online profile photos they used on the dating site where they met on a pair of sweet cake computers.

There are more cakes here that feature Star Trek, computer code, World of Warcraft, etc…