Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

Unusual Wedding Gifts

We’re a couple of days into this whole same-sex marriage thing in California.

The state hasn’t separated from the continent and fallen into the Pacific Ocean. The sanctity of marriage is still intact. I don’t think the divorce rate rose yesterday or infidelity increased a bit.

However, in the coming weeks I’m sure there will be a slight tremor along a fault line which will knock a few pictures off the wall and someone will attribute the quake to God’s wrath against the heathens. Despite the court’s decision, those same folks are still working to ban same-sex marriage in that state.

Sadly for those Cali couples who have not yet united in matrimony, there’s a chance that an issue on the November ballot out there will erase this recent court ruling with a discriminatory marriage ban.

The Human Rights Campaign is offering couples about to tie the knot a chance to add a unique item to their wedding gift registry. Friends and loved ones of the couples can make a donation to the HRC in the newlyweds’ names in an effort to kep the initiative from passing.

Who needs more candlesticks anyways?