Evolution of the BBQ Apron

Father’s Day is coming up tomorrow and for those of you who haven’t purchased a gift yet, I’ve got an idea for you – the ultimate outer wear for the master of the grill.

In the 1950s, suburbia led to leisure time and backyard patios and manly barbecuing.

Barbecue accessories have evolved greatly over the past half century.

From this

to this

and this

to this

to this

and this

Ye olden “Kiss the Cook” apron has also evolved.

From this

to this

The apron has progressed into a cargo variation with lots of pockets.

The idea started with this

then advanced to this

But there are those manly men who in this modern age refuse to wear an apron when they throw their meat on the grill or at least near it.

For them I present the Weber Utility Shirt.

Note: The sauce bottle protector pocket is also an excellent spot to stow your beer bottle while you’re flipping your burgers.


4 responses to “Evolution of the BBQ Apron

  1. Love this article… was looking for Rattlesnake Beer .. like minds maybe…
    Women lead fashion….
    For at least the last 3 decades in latin America many women have replace their tradition wardrobe with an indiginious influenced apron to wear as their waist expands during pregnancy and still conform to wearing western clothing. So the apron has long been seen as a cooking icon of looking good, fitting in with your community… while grilling and growing… Watch your health and enjoy quality food. The apron on male or female will always look quaint, practical and an artist expression.

  2. lol, I’m with you on the like minds. Thanks for the interesting apron information tidbits.

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