Top Chef Joke of the Day

If you pay any attention to things going on around here at the palace, you know that the Squirrel Queen is one junkie for reality television.

Top Chef had its season finale the other night and Stephanie Izard came out on “Top”. Although I have to think she may have won for overall merit throughout the season as much as she did for her final meal. It seemed the judges were more pleased with Lisa’s dishes, but just couldn’t hand the big prize to a competitor who slipped out of the noose after almost being eliminated a number of times during the season.

The one thing about Top Chef that makes it more difficult to judge the competitors’ efforts from my couch is the fact that I can’t taste their offerings. Some of those recipes look like poo, but the judges oooh and aaahhh over the flavors, but I’ll never know if it’s tasty or not. On Project Runway, I can tell if I like a design or if it’s poorly sewn. On American Idol (which I don’t watch), you can hear a singer hit a sour note. On Dancing With the Stars, I can spot a samba stumble. Top Chef is different though, you have to rely totally on the judges’ impressions of the food being served.

Any way, the reason I got off on a reality tv tangent is this funny little clip I found.

For some reason it just makes me laugh to watch Stephanie Izard giggle at the end of this.

This is for you knock knock joke lovers out there.

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5 responses to “Top Chef Joke of the Day

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  2. I love that Stephanie won… I was rooting for her. Smellmoppoo!

  3. I was rooting for her too. Other than a case of jitters every once in a while, she never had a huge meltdown and her food almost always won praise if not competitions. I think Lisa really surprised the judges in the final.

  4. I too rooted for Steph all the way. She seemed to stay out of all the drama and conflicts the whole season and just cooked her arse off.

    It might be interesting to check the judges’ blogs on and see what they have to say about the final judging but I think they made the right choice.

  5. I’m so glad Stephanie won! Lisa said her food tasted like her personality – spicy, bold . . . what does ‘bitch’ taste like??? That’s what I want to know. I really felt bad for Richard. He over thought his dishes. Anyway, Congrats to Stephanie!!! You Go Girl!!!

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