Japanese Waistlines Must Shrink

I have gained way too much weight over the last five years or so.

It bugs me, but I haven’t committed wholeheartedly to change that just yet.

I really should drop at least some of that tonnage for so many reasons, but my lack of willpower troubles me. And I love food, most of the bad variety, and beer.

However, if I lived in Japan, that choice to lose those pesky pounds wouldn’t be up to me.

The Japanese government is mandating waistline restrictions on its populace.

Seriously. Government regulations on waistline sizes. Too many inches leads to trouble.

Maybe it was the obese monkeys that started this whole thing.

4 responses to “Japanese Waistlines Must Shrink

  1. Mercury laced, genetically modified corn sugar getting into Japanese diets?

  2. This is Japan, America pals. No one talks inches and pounds.
    At present Japan’s waistline problems are minute compared to, “Who ate all the pies?” US of A. Well into my third decade in Japan and I avoid Caucasians like the pest. Bad case of reverse culture shock.

  3. The first comment is probably right. The Japanese are probably consuming more high fructose corn syrup and MSG. Both have been found to increase appetite.
    Frank Fredenburg Campbell Hall, N.Y. USA

  4. This is an outrage. Especially since studies from Japan have found moderately fat seniors are the healthiest. But health is not what it is really about. It is a money grab pure and simple under the guise it is for the citizen’s own good. It is also a way to control and distract the population. A populace distracted by their scales has no time to notice how many rights they are losing; a guilty person is the easiest to manipulate. How do you think priests got away with child molestation for so many centuries? They had their parishioners so distracted with their own sins they never thought to question the priests.

    Americans need to wake up and see how this phony obesity crisis is used against them!

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