Office Rampage Video A Hoax

It seems we all got punked by the recent video flying around the Inntertubes of the dude going ballistic in the office.

Ron has the scoop over at Pop Fi.

It seems the clip was released to tease us about the new Angelina Jolie movie named “Wanted.”

If I’m going to see that movie in the theater, it will be to see Angelina, not because some viral video showed an office worker tossing computer monitors.

According to the Russian director Timur Bekmambetov on his blog (which is written in Russian, so don’t bother going over there unless you speak the language), the clip is supposed to express how we all need to escape our everyday life.

I’m guessing if the “worker” escaped that office in “real life”, the only place he was headed was to a lockdown in a jail for 24 hours or so until bail was reached and then he’d get a nice trip to court when all his coworkers sued him for mental stress, etc.

3 responses to “Office Rampage Video A Hoax

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