Presidential Candidate Condoms

We expect our Commander in Chief living on Pennsylvania Avenue to serve us to the best of their ability.

Now, even without Homeland Security, they can protect us in our bedrooms or wherever you kids are doing “it” in this modern age.

Yes, via ObamaCondoms and McCainCondoms, you’ll be safe from unwanted pregnancies.

For the Red State version, they’re promoted with the tag line, “Give your ‘troops’ the protection they deserve.”

For the Blue State version, the site says, “The economy’s a ball-buster and the surge went flaccid… but now there’s Obama Condoms, for a change you can believe in!

So go out and vote with a body part other than your heart or your brain.


3 responses to “Presidential Candidate Condoms

  1. Grisly is this for true? Well let people judge which is immense for them.

  2. Check out what one condoms did for the presidential campaign.. they donated alot of condoms to the capaign leaders and the condoms were never given out publicly.. hmm….

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