A Plate Full of Holy Images

I’m one of those folks who always thinks people I meet for the first time look like someone famous, although it may be at the D-list level.

It never fails I’ll tell Newscoma, “Hey, didn’t you think so-and-so looked just like Mr. Whipple from the Charmin commercials or that chick could have been the twin sister of the third dancer on the left in the WHAM video from 1986.”

However, I don’t see holy images in my lunch nor the trees outside my home nor the oil spill in my driveway.

Apparently, I’m in the minority on this though.

The Chicago Tribune has compiled a dozen images of everything from scorched paneling to grilled cheese to bark to pretzels that supposedly have been blessed by images of the Virgin Mary, Muhammad and Jesus.

I’ll show you one, but you have to go here for the rest.

Ta da – I present to you the famous Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese samich.

11 responses to “A Plate Full of Holy Images

  1. Some of those look suspiciously like cooters.

  2. I totally do the same thing! In fact, there’s someone random you reminded me of the first time we met, but I totally can’t remember now.

  3. Eek. Just said “totally” twice. High school teacher much?

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  5. B – I thought the same thing about the female anatomical references. One of them was especially cooterific.

    Holly – Glad to know I’m totally not the only one who totally spots celebs everywhere.

  6. Also, the grilled cheese image actually does remind me of Madonna, except I mean the one who sings “Like a Virgin”. I see Madonna as she appeared in the “Dick Tracy” movie with Warren Beatty.

  7. Mmm, I’m hungry. I go really go for the Lord right now.

  8. ohfercrisake. It’s not the Virgin Mary. It’s Myrna Loy. Or possibly Hedy Lamar.

  9. Jeff, If not Hedy Lamar, how about Headly Lamar from Blazing Saddles?

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