Office Worker Goes Insane Cell Phone Footage

I didn’t spot it when I watched the surveillance camera video originally, but several office mates whipped out their cell phones and started filming when an office worker went ballistic.

Here’s the view from a coworker’s cell phone with audio that includes lots of shrieking.

The man is still crazy, but in this view you can tell his adrenaline was sort of waning when they finally took him down.

Update: Apparently, the videos are a hoax and were created to help promote a movie.


9 responses to “Office Worker Goes Insane Cell Phone Footage

  1. Wow, I didn’t realized they tazed him!

  2. I thought I saw Jim Halpert.

  3. The guy may have gone over the edge because he found his stapler encased in Jello one too many times.

  4. Again, after seeing the second view, I still think two things.

    One, what the f*&% got him so worked up?
    Two, what prompts a person to film it on their cell?

    I’d be too shocked, or calling for help, or even perhaps helping.

  5. Kate, my guess is that they were thinking to tape it for documentation purposes. (Especially if the were not aware if the security camera was actually taping the room or not).

  6. Hmm Doesnt seem to be an American company. They are speaking in another language. its funny because in the black and white footage there is no sound and the comments there are funny as hell. Most think it is staged, and others had great comments, one being this “He probably works around a bunch of American Idol Loving Brainless Idiots and couldnt take it anymore, id love to crack like that””.

  7. Guess it’s a good thing dude probably doesn’t own a gun…. talk about going postal.

  8. I found also too a video where an Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane with his Printer

  9. Reply to Kate’s ‘what prompts a person to film it on their cell?’.

    Obviously so he can then upload it to YouTube. My prediction is, once videos like this are shown to the public and companies start losing lawsuits, strategically placed security cameras in workplaces will be a thing of the past. At least I hope so.

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