Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

We’ve all gotten frustrated at work before.

The daily stresses sometimes push us to the edge.

But most of us pull ourselves back from the brink.

Then there are those folks who go careening over that precipice and land in Crazyville.

I thought Chris Berman’s off the air tirade was unprofessional.

The World is Your Acorn even has a video clip of the top 10 meltdowns by television reporters and weathermen going ballistic.

But nobody was injured in those clips.

This security camera video shows one berserk bull in the office china shop tossing computers, kicking over furniture, using keyboards as weapons, etc.

I’m guessing he’s no longer employed there.

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Update: Apparently, the video is a hoax and was created to promote an upcoming movie.


10 responses to “Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

  1. man, that guy pulled up cubicle walls! I mean, does that office not have any security people with tasers or mace or something? Cause that was 3 minutes of nutty until someone finally tackled him.

  2. He was completely out of control. And it felt like it took forever for one or two of the men to react to the situation. Crazy.

  3. WOW — At first I kinda wondered if this is staged, but after seeing him taken down at the knees (from on top of a desk) it’s pretty clear that job satisfaction is everything!

  4. Adams, I too wondered if it was a set-up situation initially, but when he tosses that first monitor and hits the chick across the aisle from his space, I kind of went WHOA.

  5. You gotta love the guys videoing the whole thing with their cell phones. That’ll be helpful in court (along with the security camera).


  6. You know Ginger I was so focused on what Mr. Going Postal was doing I didn’t notice the cell phone video action.

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