Creepy M&M’s

They’ve started showing those freaky M&M’s character commercials again.

Those just wig me out.

Not the animated characters where the yellow and red M&M shapes talk, but the ones that have hair and glasses and actually sort of look like famous people.

Recently, they’ve been really promoting their dark chocolate M&M’s for which they use the Addams Family sitcom characters as spokespeople. Weird and freaky. Not the actual Addams Family, but the M&M’s versions.

And the commercials promoting their web site that have the “everyday folks” recreated as chocolate tidbits are even stranger. The cool hipster dude as M&M should never be seen. Why do they think this would increase my appetite for their candy?

Anyone can go to the site and create an M&M likeness.

I’ll just warn you though, if you’re looking for squirrel facial features and accessories, they are sorely lacking.


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