Start to Finish

The progression of nature is an amazing process. From one cell on to a functioning being.

As a kid, I freaked my younger sister out by showing her a spot in an egg yolk and telling her it was a baby chicken. It took quite a while before she had anything sunny side up on her plate.

I found a couple of photo progressions that show the trip from egg to baby chick and another from egg to moth.


I bring you the starting points and the finishing points. For all the steps in between, hit the chicken link and this moth link.


3 responses to “Start to Finish

  1. This has always fascinated me.
    I caught three tadpoles the other day and have been carefully watching their progression into frogs. Yesterday, I’d noticed they’d sprouted back legs and I feel like such a proud momma.

  2. That sort of time lapse stuff keeps my attention. When I was a wee lass, Disney used to show those nature time lapse cactus blooming in the desert films. I was always tuned in.

  3. heartbreaktown

    Those were really neat. That panda was cutest!

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