Holy Cow – Ice on Mars

For all you Buzz Lightyears out there, NASA has some big news from Mars.

The Phoenix Mars Lander transmitted a pic back to Earth showing something white beneath it. Experts believe it’s ice.

The belief is that the descent thrusters blasted away the top soil revealing the white spot that is thought to be ice. They’ve nicknamed the white spot “Holy Cow!” because those were the first words spit out when they viewed the patch of ice.

You can follow the latest updates from Mars via Twitter. To find the updates use @MarsPhoenix

“Roger. This is Squirrel Queen. Over and Out.”

3 responses to “Holy Cow – Ice on Mars

  1. Do ya think they really said “Holy Cow” or maybe something similar instead?

    Thanks for sharing that. I’m intrigued and am now following the Twitter updates.

  2. earthandbeyond

    Holy Cow, what a name. That’s probably what they said when they first saw the picture.

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