Thirsty for Space Beer

I ran across some news that I can’t believe more people aren’t chatting up here on this blogiverse.

Sure, everyone is writing about the space toilet plumbing foul-up. Newscoma, CNN and everyone in between have been cracking wise with astral potty humor.

But I’ve got bigger news from beyond Earth’s gravity.

There’s now a beer that was brewed using barley that was grown from spawn of seeds that were stored in space for five months.

Come on people. Space beer.

This is huge. And it’s also as close as I’m ever going to get to living the life of The Jetsons.

Sapporo had just enough barley to brew about 100 bottles of the outer space hooch.

I doubt if I’ll ever get a frosty mug of the astro-juice, but I’ve got a bag of pretzels here at the house that I’d love to wash down with the space beer.

It’s got to be better than Tang.


3 responses to “Thirsty for Space Beer

  1. I’m all about space beer. You know me.

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  3. i’d be willing to go in on a six pack if anyone’s interested, since i expect like squirrel queen that’ll be a bit spendy.

    also, i thought the squirrel queen might be interested in knowing about a mammalian counterpart who specializes in space related subjects, especially space beer. His name is Space Bear:

    he’s cool. i think.

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