Spelling Bee for Sports Names

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is coming up and I’ll admit I love watching this event on TV every year.

These brainiac little kids are spelling words I’ll never drop into a casual conversation.

I can’t help it. It’s mesmerizing television. The pressure they are under to determine if the Latin root or alternate pronunciations can give them the clue they need to solve the puzzle is gigantic.

If you’ve seen the documentary Spellbound about contestants preparing for the Bee, you know how much preparation goes into these winning efforts. The language tutors and the hours and hours of studying. Impressive.

ESPN has been airing the competition for the last several years and I almost always watch at least a few rounds.

Now the sports network is offering us adults a chance to toss out the ABCs in competition.

At several ESPN Zone restaurants across the nation, contestants 21 and over will be challenged to spell names like Krzyzewsi, Kovalchuk and Ginobli.

Eight of the sports themed restaurants are hosting spelling bees with hard to spell names and phrases from the sporting worlds. If you live in Anaheim, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, New York, Baltimore or Denver, break out your knowledge on May 29-30. Try spelling Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg of the Red Wings without having a fan wearing their jersey sitting in front of you.

Contact your nearest ESPN Zone to register and good luck.



2 responses to “Spelling Bee for Sports Names

  1. Cool!
    Yes, I tune in every year without fail to watch the bee. In fact, I made sure I knew when it would be broadcasted this year way ahead of time so I wouldn’t miss a minute. The big event is May 29 and 30. Can’t wait!:)

  2. WOWW It is a good thing for me. Thanks. ^_^

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