Captain Kirk the Red Hot Lover

I’m by no means a sci fi Star Trek geek, but it never fails that an episode of the space travel TV show makes me giggle at least twice.

One of those giggles is usually because Captain Kirk is having some green alien babe with an intricate beehive, twirly hairdo trying to get into his tight black uniform pants.

It happens at least every other episode.

If you’re curious about James T’s space nooky, PopFi has several links that have the lowdown on the Captain’s insatiable appetites.

I do know one thing, after seeing the pic above, I’ll never question his manhood.

7 responses to “Captain Kirk the Red Hot Lover

  1. heartbreaktown

    omg that’s hilarious! That photo is GOLD!

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  3. if you think kirk’s hot then, you should see the new spock!

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