That’s A Mouthfull

I’ve never had any sort of rodent as a pet. I’m more of a canine person.

But when I ran across this little clip I couldn’t help but giggle at the greedy hamster hoovering up everything in front of it.

This one is for Scout.


5 responses to “That’s A Mouthfull

  1. That was the most precious, cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! It made me jump up and down in my seat! Thanks for posting!!!

  2. heartbreaktown

    Wicked cute! I love all critters!

  3. You have to understand little critters like the hamster. He isn’t being greedy: He’s just taking advantage of a food-glut. He doesn’t know that those huge bipeds are going to feed him again tomorrow. A bit like dogs really – only they’re bright enough to know better. But it goes to show that you can’t buck biological programming.

  4. that’s quite a carrying capacity

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