Calling Sheep Not Counting Sheep

Over at PopFi, there’s a post of pics of a flock of unusual sheep.

These ewes are made of, not flesh and bone and wool, but curly cords and other parts from old rotary dial phones.

The telephonic sheep will never produce the wool necessary to foster artistic creations like crocheted body parts and three-dimensional typewriters by crafty artists.

Just think about the fact that there are some kids alive today who won’t recognize this “technology” and they certainly wouldn’t understand Ernestine’s “one ringy dingy” profession. All they know are cell phones and ring tones and Bluetooth.

Amazing times we live in and we often are moving at such a rapid pace we forget to take note.


One response to “Calling Sheep Not Counting Sheep

  1. Yep, they’ve definitely had the wool pulled over their eyes so to speak in not knowing about the technology of the past.

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