Super Squid

squirrel queen with giant squid

The Squirrel Queen loves a giant beast, especially a giant sea beast.

Even frozen giant sea beasts.

Scientists have been defrosting an enormous squid and have documented the process online.

Some of the still photos of squid body parts are pretty incredible. Beaks and eyes and hooks, oh my. The eye is actually the largest in the animal kingdom.

The Te Papa’s Blog has all the info from start to finish on this incredible project.

For in depth info on the enormous and scary beak, click here.


6 responses to “Super Squid

  1. Mrs. Paul’s is going to be all over that.

  2. Right up there with the armadillo, it’s one of the most interesting animals.:)
    Oh, oh, oh….do an armadillo post!!! I want to see you photoshop a squirrel with an armadillo. A squirreladillo!

  3. Here is an incredibly visual and informative video that we posted here at covering the story behind the Giant Squid.

    Let us know what you think, leave a comment! And feel free to embed to link or embed any of our content. Please let us know if you do.

    Hope to hear back, thanks in advance,
    Parisa Vahdatinia
    Associate, Online Outreach

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