I Love the World

The Discovery Channel is no longer one week of sharks and 51 weeks of a combination of fighter jets and Adolph Hitler.

The network has grown and diversified over the past decade. Shows like Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters and Survivorman have been plugged into the schedule along with some amazing nature shows. A pretty good percentage of my viewing time is spent tuned in to the Discovery Channel. Yes, I do watch a few shows other than Survivor and Amazing Race.

To honor the upcoming Earth Day on Tuesday, the network has put together a little video.

They’ve even got Stephen Hawking singing along with their catchy little ditty.

I’ll be humming this for the next few days.

Boom de ah da, Boom de ah da.


One response to “I Love the World

  1. Awwww!!!! I sang this song in fourth grade honor choir.
    Lovely. Thanks for the memories!

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