Cash Money Cartoons

As I mentioned the other day, I can’t draw worth a flip.

Badger, who can draw a mighty fine cartoon or caricature, always giggles when she sees my rough artistic renderings. Hmmm … rendering, that’s what you do with fat isn’t it?

Anyway, I found this set of pics on Flickr that another artist has posted.

The set involves U.S. greenbacks, ink pens and occasionally some highlighters.

Joe D takes money and draws some clever and eye-catching caricatures on Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton and the gang. Some are inspired by pop culture while others are just funny.

Here are a few selections. To see them all, go here.

I love a silly pun and the one above is pretty obvious dontcha think. It’s a Lincoln log for the less literal among you.

Come on now. Hum the Batman theme and think dreamy thoughts about Adam West.

We’ll end with a little EMO for you.


2 responses to “Cash Money Cartoons

  1. These are fun! Thanks for bringing them to my attn.

  2. Those are actually kinda cool

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