Eraserhead and Restless Legs

I was over at Joe P.’s place this morning and he had mentioned the flick “A Boy and His Dog.”

The sci-fi cult hit starring a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson was one of those independent movies from the mid 1970s that stretched the boundaries. It was obviously outside the box even though some mainstream actors had roles including Jason Robards. It was one of several movies from the era that set the tone for directors into the 80s and beyond.

The one I’ve had on my mind lately is David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.”

Don’t ask me why.

Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been watching “The Squidbillies” on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block and the old granny squid reminds me of the fetal, crying baby in the movie.

Yeah, I think that’s what carried me here.

I haven’t seen the film in ages, but I still remember the first time I did. How could anyone forget any of that imagery?

The visuals in the black-and-white setting of “Eraserhead” were incredible and impossible to erase from the back of the retinas. From the huge hair of Jack Nance to the oozing, wriggling cornish hens to the monstrous “baby” to the lady in the radiator, Lynch kept your attention with images that were hard to look at and at the same time hard to look away from.

Seeing that movie let me know there were ideas being submitted that didn’t cater to Hollywood and television’s “Brady Bunch” themes. Some creativity disturbed the status quo and pushed the limits.

For Lynch, the five-year-long process that it took for him to finish the film was well worth it. Mel Brooks caught a viewing of the movie and hired him to direct “The Elephant Man.” And so an outstanding career was on its way.

I’ve got some video here for you, but it’s not from the movie.

It’s actually an homage of the movie in a video by the UK band Half Man Half Biscuit for their song “Restless Legs.” Enjoy.

3 responses to “Eraserhead and Restless Legs

  1. Squidbillies! SQ, you’re awesome.

  2. I think Squidbillies, in recent episodes, are superior to quite a few of the other shows on Adult Swim right now. Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been letting me down lately.

  3. speaking of Eraserhead, i’ve always enjoyed those weird scenes of that guy who is working a lever back and forth, played by Jack Fisk. Fisk got some Oscar love this year, too. Working mostly as Art Director, he got a nomination for his work on “There Will Be Blood”. I just love seeing odd characters from Eraserhead popping up in the mainstream.

    And I highly reccomend Lynch’s most recent movie “Empire”. Three-plus hours of the truly weird from a master which was much fun to watch.

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