Jonesing For Lost

All those Lost fans are about to begin having withdrawals now that the show is taking a hiatus of a few weeks.

Starting tomorrow, Losties will suffer through their first Thursday night without the latest episode in the time travel mystery.

The writers’ strike left a gap in production that is now leaving a gaping void in the viewing habits of those who crave more of the smoke monster, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke and Ben.

In order to stave off the madness and give a quick fix to those jonesing for Jack, I present you with this.

If you want to see another video in this series, go here and here.

Personally, I miss the polar bears.


2 responses to “Jonesing For Lost

  1. You are my hero. I like the Harry Potter one best.

  2. Me too. The Star Wars one was the weakest of the three with the Pirates of the Caribbean falling in the middle.

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