Howdy Doody and Paul Harvey Separated At Birth

Investigative blogger Ceelcee posted an intriguing theory at his site The Dry Spot about the legitimacy of the fact that radio legend Paul Harvey is still alive.

He believes the man has been dead for decades and all recordings by the aged disc jockey in recent years are just pieced together word by word from older broadcasts. To support his theory, he included photos of the announcer from three different eras that displayed very little variance in his physical appearance.

While reading his post, I was struck by Harvey’s uncanny resemblance to someone. It took me a while to figure out just who his twin could be.

And then, Bam!

A vision of his doppelganger flashed into my mind.

Paul Harvey is Howdy Doody. We knew he’d been in media for decades, but who knew he started out sitting on Buffalo Bob’s knee and entertaining the Peanut Gallery.

And now you know … The Rest of the Story.

Edited: The legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey passed away on February 28, 2009.


4 responses to “Howdy Doody and Paul Harvey Separated At Birth

  1. I always knew Paul Harvey had something up is ass. It was Buffalo Bob’s hand!

    Closet case.

  2. He’s proof that just staying alive and having one job for the entire span will bring awards and praises. I too thought he had croaked a long time ago. Heaing his ‘commentary’ is a as soothing as hearing a a dishwasher running and just as meaningless. It isn’t that I despise him – it’s the mediocrity and the mundane listeners which grind my gears.

    And if Buffalo Bob is not around, who’s hand is up his ass now???? Creeeeepy.

  3. I think the same man manipulating Paul Harvey is also pulling the strings on Andy Rooney.
    There’s another one whose time has well passed. He’s still doing the same shtick week after week on CBS and boring and offending me every Sunday I fail to change the channel in time.

  4. For those” wantabees'” who can’t stand to hear Harvey or Rooney, could it be they are just envious of their success as network
    communicators who are still on the top in
    their field with no end in sight.

    Ron Wells

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