Happy April Fools Day

Once again, we flip the calendar page from March to April.

For the pranksters and jesters among us, it’s their favorite day of the year – April Fools Day.

Since the Internet is now often the main path of everyone’s daily journey, netizens have taken to pulling the virtual leg of their online brethren. Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of online pranks over the past few years.

Of course the April 1 tomfoolery predates the Internet. For the top 100 pranks pulled by everyone from the New York Times to Taco Bell, head over to PopFi for the link.

And to all of you who’ve planned an elaborate hoax on a loved one or a coworker (this means you Scout), Happy April Fools to you.


One response to “Happy April Fools Day

  1. Hee! I must admit I’ve been plotting something.:)

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