Coen Brothers Are Brilliant

Flipping through the grid on the tv this morning I could have kicked myself when I realized I’d missed a showing of the Coen Brothers‘ “Miller’s Crossing” from 1990.

I haven’t seen this gangster flick by the Oscar winners in quite a while and would have enjoyed watching it from start to finish. Instead I found this video that covers the brothers whole oeuvre.

The Dude Abides and Is Bonafied.

Hat tip to the Orange Yeti.


4 responses to “Coen Brothers Are Brilliant

  1. The Coen bros are indeed brilliant. In fact, I woudn’t mind having an all-day marathon film fest dedicated to their movies. I’ve only seen just a few of them, but I’m dying to see more.

  2. I mean I WOULDN’T mind. Spelling something wrong always gets on my neves.:)

  3. I’m with you. I hate typos. That’s why I named my link to “Damn Words” on the home page.

  4. Millers crossing not seen that, but the dude from The Big Lebowski is so funny.

    I think they have done some good stuff, but not everything is great they have done some stinkers.

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