Penguins + Cameras = PenZen

It’s a bit gray outside this Friday morning, so I thought I would send something out to the world to perk things up a bit.

If you’re stuck on a problem or need a lift, clear your mind by honing in on a flock of penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. They’ve got a camera pointed at a rock and part of the pool the penguins live on and in. It’s live 24 hours a day. They call it Penguins’ Rock Cam.

At night, there isn’t nearly as much activity lots of standing and lying around. However, a group of them will suddenly decide to head off in one direction and then reverse and go right back to where they started on the rock. Even at night, some do dive in for a swim.

During the day, it’s easier to see the tuxedo-clad clan gliding through the water, but I do wish you could see a bit more of the pool and their underwater activities.

It amazes me how they propel themselves up out of the water and back onto the rock in an upright position and immediately begin to walk away from the edge without missing a beat. Smooth as silk. I have trouble departing from an escalator or those people movers at the airport with any semblance of grace.

Still, it’s pretty neat and I think Newscoma would approve.

And if you ever get a chance to visit the Tennessee Aquarium in person, do so. It’s a beautiful facility and the huge tanks are impressive. It’s a great way to spend a day.


5 responses to “Penguins + Cameras = PenZen

  1. I love the Tennessee Aquarium!
    I haven’t been there in ages and you’ve definitely made me want to go back for another visit.

  2. Hi Squirrel Queen! It’s me, Rusty again. I’m not here to chase you this time, but to tell you I found something else to chase. Ducks! So I guess the truce is on, for the time being anyway. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

    Mom said to tell you thanks for this tip. She likes penguins and is going to keep the address of this cam. Maybe I can chase them too.

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