Snake Week Ends With Brady Barr Getting Bitten

We’ll end Snake Week with one story where the snake is winning for a change. This video clip from National Geographic show host Brady Barr in waist-deep water struggling with a giant python which didn’t welcome the visit. According to Barr, he got “a really bad bite.”

I’ll admit, he’s my least favorite nature show host. I lean more toward the Jeff Corwin style. Corwin is funny and gentle and tries to disrupt the animal he’s encountering as little as possible. Barr always ends up thrashing around and seeming to put the animal in huge distress.

Nothing against Barr and all the research and conservation work he’s done, but, in this case, I was in the snake’s corner.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

And thus we bring a close to the inaugural Snake Week here at the Squirrel Queen’s house.

Hope you enjoyed this reptile ride.



3 responses to “Snake Week Ends With Brady Barr Getting Bitten

  1. ouch! That camera man almost got trampled.

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