Goats and Sheep

Ever since I heard about the tragic death of Rev. Liston G. Richardson yesterday, I’ve had a certain song running through my mind.

The minister from the Clarksville area got tangled up with an angry goat on his farm. The 76-year-old reverend got entangled in the rope he was using to try to lead the goat to another pen and died. The rope was wrapped around both his neck and his feet when he was discovered.

Family members and emergency workers called to the scene had trouble getting the menacing goat away from the body. According to the story linked above, one of his sons shot the goat later in the day.

And with all that, I still keep humming Cake’s “Sheep Go To Heaven” which repeats the line “Sheep go to Heaven. Goats go to Hell.”

I know. It’s morbid. But I’m the only one who has to live with this brain. You can thank me later for keeping most of my ideas to myself.

3 responses to “Goats and Sheep

  1. OMG…you have the same warped sense of humor that I do…we are so blissful in our insanity, aren’t we? 🙂

  2. I have to admit to the same earworm stemming from the same unfortunate bit of news. In other words, it’s not just you, weirdo.

  3. SERIOUSLY!!??!?!?!?
    this was my preacher, i live in clarksville tn…. i went to sunnyveiw baptist from 3 til now and i miss him like hell.
    i can’t believe you guys are honestly making a humorous joke out of his death.. this man would’ve dies for any which one of you guys and as soon as he leaves this earth this is how we talk bout him.
    he was a great man, an excellent preacher and over-all the picture of what god wanted us to do in this life.
    he had his faults don’t get that twisted but everyone does, no one will ever care for anybody as much as this man did.
    he gave his all to the church, his family and his animals.
    the irony i know a goat, so what?
    maybe his death was just a trial to see how many people would’ve taken it seriously or not.
    he saved my life, he made me believe. he saved me in 2005 at pj’s campground on june 3rd, i’ll never forget that man he did wonders for this earth and yet everyone fails to see it.
    i can’t get you guys to see the man i seen but i can try, just stop and i beg you to please take this post down for it is disturbing to everyone who knows him.

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