Brett Favre retires

If you spot a Green Bay Packers fan in tears today, they have an excellent reason. Packers quarterback Brett Favre has announced his retirement.

The Super Bowl winner, three-time MVP and future Hall of Famer has locked up plenty of records during his career on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in frigid Wisconsin including most wins, passing yards, touchdowns and consecutive games started as a QB.

He nearly called it quits after the 2006 season but came back for one more and thrilled the Green and Gold faithful with one of his finest seasons. For his efforts he was named Sports Illustrated’s 2007 Sportsman of the Year. Not too shabby.

I think what bonded Favre with his fans was the personal tragedies he went through while maintaining his on-the-field success. Battles with substance addiction, deaths to close family members, his wife’s cancer – these were all issues that the average Cheesehead in Row ZZ, seat 13 has had to deal with. And the fans had to go through these tribulations without ESPN and Fox nor linebackers breathing down their necks.

I still don’t like the way he flopped to give Strahan the single season sack record a few seasons ago, but you can’t deny the unabashed joy Favre brings to the field. It was like watching a little boy fling footballs, slap teammates on the butt, trashtalk the opponent and rack up wins all the same time.

The NFL will miss Brett Favre, in body and in spirit.


4 responses to “Brett Favre retires

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  3. What endeared Brett to Packer fans most, I think, was that while he became and was a huge star he has not one ounce of star attitude.

    His team-oriented attitude (offering to restructure his contracts to free up team money), his blue-collar, go-to-work-everyday toughness (275 consecutive starts…by a quarterback), that go-for-it fastball (clocked faster than some MLB starters), and that mischievous little devil on his left shoulder; these things made him ‘one of the regulars’, one of us. It was a completely comfortable relationship.

    If ever there was a perfect fit, it was Brett Favre and Green Bay.

    Knowing this day would come, I am still numb.

  4. He was one of the fiercest competitors the NFL has ever seen and is a legend in a lot of peoples eyes. I’ve made a Hubpage on his retirement you can find it here.

    Brett Favre Retires

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