Nicole Kidman’s right boob

Nicole Kidman is the person announcing the presentation of the lifetime achievement honor to art director Robert Boyle who has worked with all the greats over about a kajillion decades, but all I can focus on when she is on the camera is the fact that her long, draping necklace has gotten draped over her right boob and is not centered.

I’m all about symmetry and this is just bugging me. I really don’t need an extra excuse to ogle Nicole’s tatas.

Oh yeah, how old is he again? 9,823, but still sharp as a whip. I’ve seen them trot some of these elderly gentlemen out before who, it was obvious, could hardly remember their own name.

I love it when the old codgers refer to the great director as “Hitch.” Wow. What a legacy Boyle leaves behind.



4 responses to “Nicole Kidman’s right boob

  1. That was a vulgar display of (borrowed) wealth.

    How many South Africans died for that chain?

  2. Sadly, it was probably just a loaner that will have to go back to Vancleef and Arpels or somebody after the show.

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