McLovin is not in attendance

While McLovin didn’t show up, the Oscars were graced with the presence of two of the performers – Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill – from “Superbad.” That was one foul but hysterical movie. Don’t watch if with anyone under the age of 15. The language is outrageous, but please I’m around teenage boys all the time who don’t think I’m listening and their conversations are very similar to what is discussed in “Superbad”.

They handed out the Oscars for sound. The latest Bourne flick got the nod.

Matt Damon = action hero.

Bourne = action sounds.

The music booted the winners off the stage. Be gone, you winners. Move along. Get out of here. Beat it or we’re calling the cops.


2 responses to “McLovin is not in attendance

  1. I’m an RN and former paramedic, so you think blood wouldn’t bother me, but the dance scene in Superbad made me physically gag, right there in the theater.

  2. I’m with you Drunkbunny. There is a moment while watching that scene when the realization of the blood source pops into your mind. A gag reflex is not out of the question as a response to that visual.

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