Oscar denied – Snubs of great performances

With the 80th annual Oscar awards presentation less than 24 hours away, I’ve been getting antsy for the big event.

Movies, movies, movies. I love them. Sure, I dig some trash and some B, C and even D-list flicks, but I certainly appreciate quality.

I ran across a list of the top 100 performances snubbed by Oscar voters over time and the names and efforts overlooked are incredible. I’ve seen nearly all the movies on the snubbed countdown and when these omissions were pointed out, it was pretty incredible.

When you consider it includes everyone from Katherine Hepburn to Al Pacino to Jimmy Stewart and the list goes on and on. Yup, there’s 100 of them.

Check it out and tell me who you think was the biggest snub.

Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham was one I picked from the list as well as Tony Perkins in Psycho. Sarandon was scintillating. Perkins was a jittery mess trying to hide his crime and his family issues.

Another that I picked that didn’t make the EW list, as odd as it may sound, was Peewee Herman in Peewee’s Big Adventure. Come on, that cinematic outing of a “boy” in search of a stolen bicycle had it all – drama, romance, comedy, et al.

Ahh, cinema.


2 responses to “Oscar denied – Snubs of great performances

  1. I’m going to go look at the list after this post, but I can tell you without hesitation that this year Julie Taymor was snubbed for best director.

    I’ve watched “Across The Universe” 3 times now, and each time I see something new and wonder how she did it.

    She was also robbed in the “best musical or comedy” division.

    Her choreographer and director of photography were also robbed.

    Oh–and those guys who wrote those songs==some group called The Beatles.

    And T Bone did an amazing job as the arranger of those songs.

    Everyone was robbed, I tell ya!

  2. Living in Hooterville, I haven’t had an opportunity to see “Across the Universe”. The trailers do certainly grab your attention.
    And the foundation, the music, is something that can’t be argued with.

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