Electric Bush Bugaloo

So, once again, our esteemed President George W. Bush has been cutting a rug, shaking a leg, twisting and shouting, raising the roof and throwing out a little cabbage patch action during an international visit.

This time Liberia was witness to the smooth moves of Dubya.

It seems the African rhythms inspire the man. He apparently finds the beats irresistible.

In April of 2007, the Leader of the Free World showed off his skill on the skins, dancing and drumming along during festivities on the White House lawn on African Malaria Awareness Day.

His display proved this white boy probably got no funkier than the funky chicken during his wilder days. Even the First Lady gets in on the act this day, but her moves are more of the variety seen at a Hawaiian luau. Curious.

Apparently he can also get stirred by a little Latin drumming too. He is our definitely our percussion president. Even more importantly, stay tuned to this one to the 23-second mark where you get to see Condoleezza Rice rocking the Brazilian house as opposed to Laura Bush pulling off a classic wallflower move. Condi looks like she’s itching to jump in and join Dubya.

To show he’s diverse in his musical tastes, the man has shaken his groove thing all over the globe, even in Georgia. No, not in Atlanta or in Plains, but in Tbilisi, Georgia in the former Soviet Union.

Barbara’s boy has even scuffled through the sands of Saudia Arabia, bringing his Deney Terrio Dance Fever moves to the Middle East.

He’s going to have plenty of free time in a few months.

How about giving this man a gig on Dancing With the Stars?


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