McCain’s Running Mate

While Newscoma is busy feeding the Pop Culture starved with her live-blogging of the 50th Annual Grammy Awards tonight, those looking for meatier fare might visit Psychozilla Tribune to see the latest news in the 2008 race for the White House.

It seems McCain has declared a running mate.

3 responses to “McCain’s Running Mate

  1. This is awesome, you know. I hope Russ loves it.

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  3. On a more serious note, getting away from all of those Southern and midwestern state governors (including Huckabee–who I feel was being unrealistic when he suggested doing away with the IRS completely) , I am wondering if McCain will ask Colin Powell to join him on the Republican ticket.
    While former Secretary of State (and former general) Powell resigned his position in the Bush cabinet, distancing himself from Rumsfeld, Cheney, and other republicans under scrutiny, I am wondering if Powell would be willing to associate himself with the likes of McCain. Since Colin Powell is a respected public figure who embodies the ideals of integrity, character, and common decency, it would certainly be a test of whether the new Republican party under McCain could offer America something worth embracing.
    If such an offer were extended to Colin Powell and he actually accepted, that would lend alot of credence to McCain’s bid for the presidency and restore my faith that the Republicans have something worthwhile to offer ordinary people.

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