Survivor Squirrel

Tonight’s the night. Survivor returns again. The debut episode is this evening with this series providing a new twist – half all-star, half fans.

The last series in China was a solid one and I’m hoping Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett can keep the series on a roll.

If you want to check out some info to get you in the mood for the big debut tonight, go to Entertainment Weekly. Their correspondent Dalton Ross has the scoop on this season with several videos from the island. He gives you a sneak peak at challenges, tribal council and competitors with plenty of Probst thrown in (including a snippet of Probst singing his favorite Hall and Oats tune). If you’re a Survivor fan and aren’t familiar with Ross, you’ve been missing out. Every Friday, he writes a recap of the previous night’s episode that is hilarious way more often than not. He’s a fan of the show, and he’ll pick favorite competitors to love and others to hate, just like the casual fan in their living room at home or around the water cooler at work. EW does this for several popular shows and the results are usually pretty fun.

There’s also the CBS web site with their Survivor competitor bios, etc.

The Tribe Has Spoken!!


4 responses to “Survivor Squirrel

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  2. I don’t watch survivor anymore, but now that Squirrel Queen is on the show I’ll check it out:)

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  4. forgot to record! Will watch ondemand tonight. 🙂

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