Dolphins’ joy bubbles over

For all those folks burned out and left with a football/political hangover by Super Sunday and Super Tuesday, I offer up this bit of aquatic wonder. We always knew dolphins were smart. Now, we get to see Flipper frolic in a way that’s pretty amazing. As kids, we’ve all at one time or another stuck a plastic loop down into soapy water and blown irridescent bubbles into the breeze. These dolphins combine that feat with the seeming effort of juggling their bubbles. The underwater ballet is mesmerizing. And you thought smoke rings were cool.

It makes you wonder just what these mammals could do if only they had opposable thumbs. If global warming continues and Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” vision comes to pass, we might be smart to stay on Flipper’s good side.

There are a couple of international aquariums that have beluga whales who do a similar trick.

Free fish and Flipper snacks for everyone.


4 responses to “Dolphins’ joy bubbles over

  1. dolphins are the coolest animal on the planet

  2. The squirrel bikini is killin’ me!!!

  3. Badger – I certainly can’t argue with you on that one.
    Finn – The Sqiurrel Queen is just a bit too modest for a thong though.

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